“Comparative Law in and for Japan”

This is the title of my chapter written late last year for the 2nd edition of Matthias Reimann and Reinhard Zimmermann (eds) The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Law (OUP, 2018). It substitutes for, but respectfully builds on several aspects of, the Japan-focused chapter in the Oxford Handook’s first edition by the late Prof Zentaro Kitagawa entitled “Development of Comparative Law in East Asia”.
Below I reproduce introductory Part I and the Table of Contents for my chapter manuscript, a version of which will be presented with ENS-Lyon Prof Beatrice Jazulot as an ANJeL Visitor in early July 2018, at the biannual Asian Studies Association of Australia conference hosted by USydney. Then I reproduce useful references on comparative law generally in Japan, from pp177-81 of Baum/Nottage/Rheuben/Thier, Japanese Business Law in Western Languages: An Annotated Selective Bibliography (Hein, 2nd ed 2013).

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