Looking Back from Abroad on the Accomplishments of Professor Zentaro Kitagawa

The late Professor Zentaro Kitagawa (1932-2013) is sorely missed, as a renowned scholar of private law and comparative law, as well as an extraordinarily active builder of bridges among researchers in Japan and many parts of the world.
Melanie Trezise’s translation of a speech given by his “deshi” Professor Keizo Yamamoto at a Remembrance Function, held in Kyoto on 23 June 2013, will be published in the next issue of the Journal of Japanese Law along with the following brief remarks from Professor Harald Baum and myself – who first met in 1992 as researchers at Kyoto University under Professor Kitagawa. Sydney Law School will also host a symposium on “Contract Law Reform in Asia”, on 6 December 2013, dedicated to the inspiration and intellectual energy provided by Professor Kitagawa.

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Obituary for Professor Satoru Osanai

Written by Dan Rosen (Professor, Chuo Law School)
You don’t need to believe in the system of making merit for a future life to appreciate its value in the present one. Satoru Osanai was a world-class merit-maker, spreading it across the globe and empowering others to do the same.
Professor Osanai died on September 4th, a few days after his 71st birthday. Throughout his career at Chuo University, he introduced Japanese students and scholars to the legal systems of other countries, and he demystified Japan’s legal system for audiences abroad.

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